Fractions  Quadratics Transformations
dividing fractions MATCHING match transformed quadratic to graph  |  FOIL   |   FOIL binomial squared  move 2 points  |   halloween theme! move the spider  |   santa theme! move santa   |   rigging activity
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 Functions   Logarithms   Matrices
Intercepts,max,min Rollercoaster    |   Function Families Matching    |   End behavior  |  Range and Intervals    |     Write Up Range and Intervals    |   Asymptotes Match Equation to Graph   |     Key Characteristics by Function Family   |     Rewrite Logarithms  |   Logarithm Properties  |   Evaluate Logarithms  |   Solve for X Review and Practice
 Unit Circle:Degrees Unit Circle: Radians, Reference Angles, and Solving for the Other  Unit Circle: Sine and Cosine Values
Matching Degrees and Special Angles  |   Matching Degrees and MOVING Special Angles |   Matching Degrees 2 minute speed trial   Matching Angle and Reference Angle  |   Matching Degrees and Radians    |  Where's the Other Angle?     Bowling for Sine Values  |   Bowling for Cosine Values  |   Mixed Values