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y intercept from an equation:

Replace the x variable with a zero, then solve for y.

 Quadratic Example(vertex form) Exponential Example 
y intercept vertex form quadratic y intercept exponential
 Rational Example
y intercept rational

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y intercepts from a graph:

It's the units value on the y axis where the graphed function intercepts the y axis. The first value if you write it up as a point is always 0.

Rational Example:

graph y intercept

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y intercept using ti-84:

Use the y= button to put the equation on the calculator.

equation on ti

Use the graph button to see if you can see the graph cross the y axis. Use ZOOM or WINDOW to change what you see if you need to.Then select CALC (use 2nd to get to words above the buttons) and select VALUE from the menu.

y intercept ti83

Hit ENTER. At the bottom of the screen, you can enter an x value for it to use to calculate the y value. Put 0 in, all y intercepts have an x value of 0. The y intercept value will show up at the bottom of the screen,and the blinky will show the location of the point.